Hazel – Centred Calm Safe

This beautiful sweet dreams mist will help you to Release your Blocks, it will Rebalance your Chakras, and will Restore your Earthed, gentle Self.

Easy to carry, this magic mix of Crafted oils has a sweet, blossom fragrance so you can mist it into your aura when you feel like you need to catch your breath.

Vibrationally, this spray spell will help you save yourself from eternally being on the go. The affirmation of this spell is about being safe and at peace, if you feel like saying the affirmation on the label as you spray this, it will help you to catch yourself and take yourself to time out.

All Organic Ingredients: Myrrh, Patchouli, Wild Orange, Basil, Helichrysum, Sacred Water, Concentrated burst of R+ Magic.
100ml spray bottle with cap



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