Changing Heart Vibrations (Opening to Love) – Digital Recorded workshop

Open to Love – Changing Heart Vibrations Workshop takes you on a journey and healing method to open to love; this is a digital video made for you to participate in at your leisure. If you want to clear out old wounds, remove the pain of love gone wrong and start fresh, this is for you. After we upgrade your heart frequency we set new ground for you to passionately and whole heartedly connect to the person of your dreams.

This workshop addresses the frequently asked questions:

how do I open up and trust and be vulnerable after I’ve been let down so much?

what can I change to start having better, more aligned, partner relationships?

In the session we get settled by the opening of sacred space, we clear our hearts and minds and then start a healing method that washes away sadness. We use this method to help us let go of old unwanted approaches, behaviours and experiences and then we reset and restructure our electromagnetic energy for more life giving love. We close with a blessing for our spirits and go our merry way.

As you will see during the workshop, I made a particular cure for those attending and I have listed this below. I recommend the cure for anyone too scared to go out into the world with an open heart. *the magic boost is only available after the healing has been established.

Upon purchase of the digital workshop recording, you will receive a bottle of special spray, only whilst stock lasts.