Lion Heart – Brave Fearless Steady Abundance

Lion Hearted ones, this mist will help you Remain Focussed, Remember your Strategy, and Relax into yourself Heartfully. It is made to help you be more abundant and to come from a place of fearless poise and drive – really good for holding your ground or making ground in new places.

Easy to carry this magic mix of Crafted oils has a gentle strong fragrance so you can mist it around you whenever you need to recommit to getting the outcomes you want.

Vibrationally this spray spell attracts more connection to your growing, excellent self and the opportunities that being you brings. This helps you stay clear headed and strong in your gut when you are expecting a miracle.

All Organic Ingredients: Rosemary, Thyme, Melaleuca, Wintergreen, Sacred Water, Concentrated burst of R+ Magic.
100ml spray bottle with cap